Case 1

Case 2 - Search a buyer for a plant – ordered by the owner

Selling a complete crushing plant - September 2013

  • The owner gives the order to sell the complete plant – we should search for an buyer
  • Our staff visits in the same week the plant generating the documentation, technical data and photos of the plant equipment
  • Preparation of the plant exposé with the corresponding technological data and photos, documenting the actual status in format PDF
  • Publication of the documentation on visible places in our web page - as example on the starting page as special offer
  • Inclusion of the offer in our bi-monthly Newsletter or in a special newsletter with a distribution of nearly 7000 registered persons or enterprises
  • Definition of a potential buyer group by price and financial standing from the prospective buyers which was invited to visit the plant to define the final price and conditions of a contact
  • Selection of the buyer and preparation of the contract by our staff was the last activity in this case.

All the activities were realized in one month!

  • We are able to offer our services in dismantling the plant and organize the transport, if the buyer is interested.



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