Complete Crusher Plant KRUPP HAZEMAG

Year of construction:2006

Components and description of the plant

  • Caterpillar Generator 850 kW
  • Reception hopper with a capacity of 100 m of materials with its vibrant pre-screen 7013 VIAL feeder adjustable 0/ 100 depending on the type of material you can adjust to our needs
  • Crusher 1.100 x 1.300 mm brand Granier JC 3646
  • 500 kg Hydraulic Hammer in the crusher mouth with remote control from the control room
  • 2 sorting SCREENS VK -720, 3 Bins and 12 m
  • One screen for classification VK -822 with 3 sorter with 16 m
  • Regulation two hoppers (one per crusher) with 50 m
  • 2 electromechanical feeders (one for each hopper)
  • 1 Secondary crusher HAZEMAG APKE 1313/8
  • Two sandboxes or tertiary crushers HAZEMAG APKV RH 1015
  • 21 Conveyors of various sizes and roles
  • Metal Detector
  • Each machine is provided with its metal structure, handrails and stairs complying with current legislation on safety. All electrical installation is composed of electronic starters and power inverters
  • The entire system is controlled by a control console from which you can run all the available options. Each conveyor, crusher, and all elements of security systems carry certificates according to European regulations
  • The material is collected in the receiving hopper where pre-screen feeder ensures that the material undergoes a first qualifying passing the coarse crusher directly, and the rest passes through a conveyor 1 to the sterile line, where No.1 sieve sorting addresses material into aggregate type 0 /4 mm, barren line 4/15, and a coarse aggregate 15/25, each assisted by a conveyor (2, 3, 4)
  • The rejection of this line, the ribbon 7 passes leading to the hopper for regulating the secondary crusher, via a conveyor 5 which is joined with the material resulting from the crusher (conveyor 6)
  • This hopper passes to the secondary crusher by conveyor 8 crushing the material, deriving , by conveyor number 9 to the screen No. 2 where through a by-pass can be removed artificial gravel 0/40 (conveyor 10) or fine aggregate 0 / 2mm, (conveyor 11 ), coarse aggregate 15/25 mm. (conveyor 12) and 25/40mm coarse aggregate (conveyor 13)
  • The rejection greater than 40 mm. this riddle, passes through the conveyor 14 to the sandbox or tertiary crusher, wearing it (conveyor 15) Riddle number 3 by conveyor number 16 in deriving the Chinese riddle 3 0/ 4, 4/ 8, 8 / 15 , 15/25 by the conveyors numbers 17, 18 , 19 and 20 passes to the tertiary rejection by the conveyor 21 and thus the circuit is closed
  • Any type of material can be adjusted by hatches unite or divide the market need
  • The cut of the aggregate can be modified, simply changing the screens cloths
  • This entire process can produce up to 700 t/h with a of limestone-dolomite aggregate

Technical status

  • The plant was working partially only 2 years
  • Ex-work in Spain

Plant is in good technical working conditions.
Sales Price: On request



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