SIM / AMMANN - 350 t/h

Model:CB 350 Super quick
Capacity:350 t/h
Year of construction:2006


The production of agglomerate has a production of asphalt mixtures Super quick Model CB350-SIM-AMMAN brand discontinuous.

The production capacity of the plant is 350 t/h

A brief description of the main components of the plant is performed:

Unit dosage cold

Aggregates are fed with 5 pre-metering capacity of 14 m and 120-150 t / h production, these aggregates on downloading include volumetric flow sensors treadmills, which in turn poured over all the material on the belt 20.100 x 680 sump and carries the material to the dryer.

All feeders are provided with sensors of material, and two of them, aimed at feeding the guns 0-4 tires have anti bridge.

The plant is also driven storage hoppers classified product, with the same process as described above.

Dryer and bag house

It consists of a rotating cylinder with slightly inclined axis, is to dry and heat the aggregate to the appropriate mix manufacturing temperatures.

The heating is done by a burner of the high pressure fuel.

The temperature is controlled by a thermocouple located at the outlet of the drum. This sensor sends a signal to the cockpit and in function thereof is automatically regulates the heat output of the burner.

In the drying of aggregates giving off dust is removed by a vacuum system and decanted through a bag filter model DM IF 630, comprising 630 sleeves and surface of 945 m2 is produced, so that the projection is minimized dust particles to the outside.

Hot Rating

At the exit of the dryer drum, the aggregates are elevated to the screening system hot, where the aggregates are again separated into particle size fractions by AMMANN sieve 2 x 6 m 5 floors, which are stored in hoppers regulation hot with a capacity of about 90 t. These hoppers have the particularity to have that expel the arid weirs should reach full capacity hopper to a sixth hot. The output is controlled by pneumatic gates that lead to the mixing zone of aggregates.

Meshes are cut. # 27, # 20, # 14, # 10, # 5, to obtain the cuts 18-25, 12-18, 8-12, 4-8 and 0-4, which are binds more to aggregate hopper rejected.

Silos for cement and filler

The filler (Recovery or filler) is stored in silos of 40 m3 until use in making blends. The reservoirs are sealed to prevent wetting and hydration of the same and are provided with pressure injection systems of air (fluidizers) which prevent the formation of vaults that could prevent material spillage.

Storage and heating of binder

Bitumen reaches the plant in special for transporting such materials tanks, and stored in tanks lagging.


The mixing process of aggregates, filler and bitumen weight is done for each of the particle size fractions to be used. The set of materials, once metered, to the mixing comprises rotating blades that wrap homogenized and different components are shipped.


In the cockpit are electrical and electronic controls the entire system.

Process control is regulated by the SIMTESSIS program, developed by the supplier, and from which it is possible to access all the control parameters of the plant.

Technical data:

SUPPORT SRTUCTURE - To avoid metal foundation


  • Buried without gutters
  • Plugs and sockets with fast connection
  • External tables preassembled cables

PIPES - Flexible for easy installation


  • Number of hoppers 3 +2
  • 14 m3 each one


  • Feeder 9 m long
  • Drum dryer EN 27110
  • 2,5 m pitcher tape


  • BSE 10 type
  • Calorific value 9.500 kcal/kg


  • Material production lift max = 360 t/h
  • Production riser filler max = 55 t/h
  • AMMANN sieve VA 2060 5 picks + bypass
  • Sieve dimensions 2.000 x 6.000
  • 5 material silos hot + bypass (43m3)
  • Levels of silos continuous type
  • Mixer AMIX 2/4 4300 kg capacity
  • Thermocouple in sand hopper
  • Scales aggregate, bitumen and filler
  • Cleaning system bitumen tilts
  • Indicators maximum and minimum for silo filler
  • Drip hopper below the mixer
  • Tower in lower version to facilitate assembly and
  • Steel plates to avoid foundation


  • Bag house IF DM-750 with modified sleeves
  • Filter surface 1125 m2
  • Number of augers 750
  • Area of each sleeve 1,5 m2
  • Airflow 101.138 m3/h
  • Automatic valves of the vacuum-sectors
  • Centrifugal fume extractor
  • Hearth
  • Air compressor PS15 MT8 - 8 bar
  • Dryer system for refrigerant air
  • Bulk filler recovery system
  • Host from the filter to the elevator filler
  • Two overlapping silos

FILLER GROUP - Two overlapping silos - 35 m3 and 50 m3


  • Oil boiler tubular horizontal TH 500
  • Pressurized, full of filler thermostat switch recovery
  • Thermometer and electrical equipment, with device of predetermined ignition
  • Power 500 Mcal/h
  • Maximum temperature 280 C
  • Pump flow 25 m3/h
  • Oil burner type BT75DSG3V
  • Bitumen feeder pump 820 l/min
  • Bitumen pump for evacuation 605 l/min
  • Fuel pump delivers 605 l / min


  • 60.000 litres each isolated with glass wool
  • With relay thermostat, level gauges
  • 3 of bitumen and 1 fuel

COCKPIT - Container type below the two-story warehouse


  • Climate control
  • Microphone for communication
  • External pictures placed in each component
  • Sockets for quick coupling of small wires



Plant is in good technical conditions.
Sales price - on request



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