Capacity:1.900 blocks/h
Year of construction:2007

Technical data:

Working hours: 8.500 h

This concrete product machine is part of a full automatic line.

After the production machine, there is one stacker (elevator), standard for 10 levels two pallets per level, from where the pallets are collected by an automatic finger car which transfers them to the curing chambers and back to a lowerator stacker when they are dried, and from here pallets go to an automatic cuber which packs the concrete products to leave them ready for delivery.

There are different options for the removal of the packages with products out of the line according to the requirements of each project:

  • Roller track conveyor
  • Slat conveyor
  • Railway wagon

Equipment to manufacture products with second layer (face mix) can be supplied with this machine in all its different options.


  • Dimension of production pallets (mm.): (1200-1400) x (600-900) (This machine can work with wooden, plastic of steel production pallets)
  • Useful working area (mm.): (1160-1300) x (520-840)
  • Height of the products: 50-300 mm
  • Number of operators: 2-3
  • Average production of blocks per hour: 1900 blocks of 20 x 15 x 40 cm
  • Minimum required area for complete plant: 6.000 m

Control panel with PLC and touch screen computer permitting to access all variables and save data related to production, warning messages of possible faults, information about number of products manufactured or palletized, running and down time, consumption of raw materials, ) and complete synoptic displaying operation and break downs information.


Synchronized mechanical vibration in vibrating table.

Greasing in continuous oil bath (minimum maintenance).

  • Maximum vibrating force: 71,5 kN
  • Power: 30 kW

Hydraulic group:

  • Cooling by water
  • Power: 22,5 kW


Plant is in good conditions
Sales price on request!



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