Model:350 RM
Capacity:350 t/h
Year of construction:1994
First commissioning:2004 refurbished

Plant was completely refurbished 2004 by INTRAME


Composed of:

  • Eight bins of total capacity 80 m3 with spouts, belt feeder with variable speed (with control and regulation control booth) tape collecting 40 m long, 650 mm wide motor-driven 10 hp.
  • Each wears a powered hopper with variable speed gear motor feeder 3 CV
  • It features:
  • Antipollution Separators
  • Bars in spout
  • Reversible metal frame to avoid the concrete wall.


Consists of:

  • Conveyor introducer aggregate cold engine powered with 5.5 HP. Rotary drum dryer diameter 2,750 mm, 11,000 mm length with four drive rollers driven with geared motors 40 hp each
  • Tire tread on self-aligning roller, properly, type "saw tooth" in the initial part of the drum, in order to get a thick curtain of aggregates throughout the dryer section and get better performance in drying of aggregates.
  • Medium pressure burner, UF-100 with built-in pump and turbo blower power, driven by two electric motors 60 and 30 CV 25 Gcal/h and 1.820 kg/h of maximum consumption of fuel oil.
  • Hot aggregate elevator and closed type vertical 395mm x 203mm buckets mounted on chain 101 drive pulley wheel and electric motor with 60 hp


Composed of:

  • Inclined screen, with five vibrant trays and bypass.
  • The screens are closed, but are easily accessible for inspection and replacement fabrics. Take two electric motors 25 CV each, and the transmission is located externally in order to prevent trouble heat or filler.
  • Ranking Silo hot. Divided into five compartments, with a capacity of 60 m3 equipped with a suction duct connected to the main collector of dust.
  • Discharge valve pneumatic drive.
  • Collecting ducts and surplus rejection.
  • Dosing hopper weight of the aggregate, mounted on three compression strain cells, the capacity of the scale is 7.000 kg
  • Pneumatically operated discharge gate.
  • Weight metering tank bitumen by bending strain and cell capacity 400 kg
  • Filling and discharge valves pneumatically heated by hot oil.
  • Paddle mixer, model 350. 4.500 kg In, Low Speed.
  • Twin axes synchronized.
  • With oil heating jackets, which form an integral part of the mixer and not to disassemble to change coatings.
  • Shoulders and interior coatings, abrasion resistant and easily replaceable alloy, through the inspection door of the mixer.
  • Driven by electric motor 150 CV. The engine and gearbox are directly coupled to the wheels through the mixer and roller chain sprockets. Processing gears are installed so that the engine power is equally distributed on the twin axes instead of one axle. The gate of the mixer is watertight and is mounted to slide and adjustable slack pneumatic cylinder actuator is oversized.


  • The legs and supports of the tower are folding, sturdy and welded steel, providing high stability and vibration eliminated.
  • The tower is designed and dimensioned to allow passage of trucks and their cargo below the mixer (3,50 m).
  • Platform height scales with access ladder and walkways. With walkways Platform height sieves.
  • Platform with walkways to inspect the height hot silo.
  • Platform with catwalks in the hot elevator.
  • Staircase with security guards, from the first stage to the screens.
  • The floors of the platforms are slip sheet.

Temperature gauge

  • Pyrometer temperature indicator aggregates the dryer outlet.


  • To set the time of dry and wet mixing as well as for determining the time of opening of the discharge valve of the mixer.


Consisting of:

  • Mobile Tank Filter FE-1020 model with separate manifold impacts with 950 m2 of filter surface NOMEX sleeves
  • Two augers for driving the bag house filler, the filler elevator powered by electric motor 5.5 hp
  • Three thick lead auger filler from the manifold impacts the elevator hot
  • JMA-165 extractor fan, powered by 220 hp engine
  • Gate CV 0.25 extractor fan

Dosage of filler equipment

Consisting of:

  1. Filler recovered material
    • A vertical silo 50 ton capacity with evacuator Horizontal auger, powered by 7.5 HP motor
    • A bucket elevator a vertical closed, motor drive 10 CV
    • Endless powered by 7.5 HP motor leading to the filler weighing hopper
    • Endless evacuator abroad, the excess filler powered by 7.5 HP motor
  2. Filler:
    • A vertical silo capacity of 50 MT with ejector Horizontal auger, powered with 7.5 HP motor
    • Endless powered by 7.5 HP motor that carries the filler to a weighing hopper
  3. The weighing hopper filler recovery:
    • Capable of 450 kg and 0.25 kg with graduations heavy strain cells
    • Equipped with three cumulative cuts


  • The bitumen is stored in tanks, is metered through a pump system of continuous operation in a pouring basin with heavy end by cutting three-way valve for branching the return excess to the tank.
  • Bitumen pump, from storage tanks to the cube of heavy heating oil driven by electric motor 20 hp

Injection of bitumen

On the mixer, including:

  • Pump oil heating bitumen electric motor driven 25 hp.
  • Spray bar and pneumatically operated valves.


Electronic. Prepared four aggregates, bitumen and two filler. With one or more preset dispensing, and includes:

  • View mingled
  • Setting a number of automatic repeat batches
  • Tote batches
  • View download times
  • Regulation and bounds checking error in weighing.


Electronic and with the following features and elements:

  • Pyrometers, display and recording daily temperature of aggregates.
  • Automatic fire modulator for temperature

Preset within the required tolerances. It provides great fuel economy and prevents overheating of the mixtures.

  • Indicator pyrometer temperature exhaust gas fireplace, security mechanisms that cut combustion if a limit is exceeded (adjustable at will) considered as dangerous to bad thermal performance.


  • For operating the plant. Includes controller connecting pipe pressure, filters, gauges, strainers, etc.
  • In addition to a compressor provided with continuous control, driven by a 100 hp engine 380 V. Maximum operating pressure 7 kg/cm2


  • Model V.12 DM.300 Approved by the Ministry of Industry. With a heat capacity of 800 Mcal/h at a maximum temperature of 210 C
  • Fast performance is due to the incorporation of a helical coil which greatly increases the heat exchange surface.
  • Oil circulation is effected by means of a centrifugal pump 2" driven by an electric motor of 10 CV.


  • The electrical installation, including wiring of the entire plant and its related elements together.
  • The entire facility is supplied with three-phase 380 V 50 Hz
  • Wardrobe, includes full switchboard Starters for all motors supplied with the plant.
  • Circuit Breakers with thermal-magnetic circuit protection for each motor.
  • Relays thermal protection on each motor circuit.
  • General Switches
  • Transformers for 110 V. For operation of all system controls.



  • Flight consists of three cylindrical tanks, thermally insulated externally, vertical heating coil provided by circulating thermal oil, carrying with manhole ventilation and other safety survey and sleeves.
  • Each of the tanks, automatic regulation takes bitumen temperature. It's pressure ringing 2 kg/cm2. Its capacity is 80 m3.


  • Formed by an air tank, 80 m3 cylindrical with dished, thermally insulated externally, vertical heating coil provided by circulating thermal oil with Campsa type manhole, riser carrying finished in a firewall ventilation; conduits for power and retake.
  • One externally peer bund capacity tank and sump drain is mounted.


  • For pumping bitumen tankers to storage tanks equipped with a suction Campsa type 3 ". Is sectioned by a motor 20 C.V.


Componente Power
in CV
Pre-Batcher Unit consisting of:  
8 Hoppers 80 m3 of capacity, with spouts with 8 variable speed gear motor 3 HP 24
One collector tape 40 m long and 800 mm 10
3 Vibrators in sand hoppers engine driven 0.75 2,25
Dryer unit comprising:  
One of aggregates Film introducer cold engine driven 5,5
1 rotary drum dryer of 2,750 mm diameter and 11,000 mm in length, driven by electric motors 160
1 extractor fan - driven electric motor 220
1 Damper motor 0,25
1 Burner fan motor driven 60
1 Mixer with motor driven 150
1 Elevator actuated hot engine 60
1 Set of screens driven by two engines 50
Filler metering equipment; comprising:  
a) Filler recovered  
 1 Silo 50 ton capacity  
 1 Elevator motor 10 CV 10
 1 Extractor motor auger filler 12.5 CV 12,5
 1 Auger filler with heavy motor 7.5 CV 7,5
b) Filler input  
 1 Silo capacity of 50 tons 
 1 Motor Auger filler extractor 7.5 CV 7,5
 1 Auger filler with heavy motor 10 CV 10
c) Heavy filler hopper  
 With capacity of 450 kg  
 1 Mixer filler 15
 1 Pump supply bitumen from tanks to heavy  bucket 20
 1 Bitumen injection pump on the mixer 25
 1 Fuel injection pump 15
 1 Fuel pump low pressure 7,5
Bag house
2 motor driven augers 7.515
1 Auger motor 10
2 Stepper Motors 2
Compressed air system  
For operating the plant; with pipes and compressor  
Maximum Pressure 7.0 kg/cm2, powered by:  
1 Electric motor 100 CV 100
Food closet thermal fluid boiler 25
Total installed capacity of the plant 1.024


  • With independent auxiliary rush (rush to the floor) 220 V; for cabin lighting, plant, and unloading pumps asphalt, fuel and low-pressure fuel
  • TOTAL POWER = 1,108 CV
  • It will be held at low voltage 3 x 380/220 V.
  • The main power supply is done through network attack in the fourth existing transformation


  • All drivers employed in the distribution and supply of electricity to the different points of energy consumption shall be copper as indicated in the supporting calculations set in the table before.
  • cable ties, input drivers, in boxes or terminal boxes with screw motors are made to ensure tightness.
  • All supply lines depart from the receptor (receptor less oil boiler) electrical panel.

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