Hollow Block Factory BESSER

Capacity:2000 paletas/turno
Year of construction:2000

Technical data:

Completely refurbished in 2000. Set up in the year 2002 and stop in the year 2008 by market conditions.

The plant is installed and in perfect working order, producing of 2,000 trays per shift.

Routine maintenance throughout the plant operation.

Made of:

  • Press Besser V3 / 12 (three blocks of 20).
  • Besser Matic system for handling trays and shelves, automatic loading and unloading.
  • 128 stockaje product shelves in tunnels setting.
  • 3800 metal trays.
  • 4 full production molds (blocks 12/15/20/30).
  • Carmatic system for automatic transport shelves.
  • Porch clamp blocks separate trays.
  • Tape output blocks and road rollers.
  • Semi Cubador Besser Lithibar.
  • Road rollers 4 finishes to accumulate pallets.
  • Several parts of the plant.

Additional to the plant, the plant comprises supplying concrete mix

Made of:

  • 1 aggregate receiving hopper
  • Conveyor aggregate to the hoppers
  • Battery 4 hoppers in line capacity of 200 m
  • Dispensers band for each hopper
  • Film collecting aggregate to mixer
  • Mixer Besser B100
  • Two cement silos 60 tons each
  • Material conveying augers
  • Two independent scales of cement by cement
  • Tape output buffer receiving concrete hopper


  • Ex-site in Spain

Plant is in excellent technical conditions
Sales price on request



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